Monday, March 8, 2010

Mo'Nique's Date With Oscar

(Photo: Getty Images)

Congratulations to Mo'Nique for winning the Academy Award for Best Supporting Actress!!

Miss Mo paid homage to Hattie McDaniel, the first African American to win an Academy Award, in a Tadashi Shoji gown made of royal blue silk jersey, and accented the look with a white gardenia placed in her chignon. The look was topped off with diamond drop earrings and bracelet by Chopard and Jimmy Choo "Clue" platform sandals.

"The reason I have on this royal blue dress is because it's the color Hattie McDaniel wore in 1940 when she accepted her Oscar," she said, clutching her Academy Award. "The reason I have this gardenia in my hair is because it's the flower Hattie McDaniel wore wore when she accepted her Oscar.
"Hattie McDaniel, I feel you all over me, and it's time the world felt you all over them."
As I watched Mo'Nique accept her award, I couldn't help but think of the following: "No weapon formed against me shall prosper". As you all may know, there were several movie critics trying their best to smear Mo'Nique and ruin her chances of getting an Oscar nomination because she would not beg campaign for the Oscar. Instead, she wanted to be judged for her performance, which is what the awards is supposed to be about -- the performance. But Mo'Nique stood her ground and was rewarded. So, for all those media critics who said, "Who does she think she is?", here's your answer...

(Photo: Getty Images) Academy Award Winner.

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