Monday, July 12, 2010

Halle Berry To Cover Vogue's September Issue!

After weeks of speculation, WWD confirms that Vogue editrix Anna Wintour has tapped Halle Berry for the cover of the mag's coveted September issue!

In the words of Vice President Joe Biden, this is a big effin' deal! The September issue of fashion magazines, particularly Vogue's, is the biggest issue of the year and officially launches the Fall fashion season. To grace the cover of the September issue -- VOGUE'S September issue -- is a coup for a model, so I'm ecstatic that a sista gets the spot (although it would've been extra sweet if an actual black fashion model got the cover).

This will be the second time in Vogue's history that a Black woman has landed the September issue cover. The first was Naomi Campbell who was on the September 1989 cover.

Naomi Campbell - Vogue September 1989

Ms. Berry's first (and only much to my chagrin) Vogue cover was their December 2002 issue.

Halle Berry - Vogue Dec. 2002

Now, you all know how the magazine industry likes to say, "Well, Blacks don't sell" as an excuse not to have us on fashion magazine covers, so be sure to purchase a copy (or two or three) to prove them wrong. If we don't support us, who will?