Friday, May 22, 2009

Vintage Photo of the Week

The Boss -- Miss Diana Ross!

No explanation necessary.



Cookie said...

First, thank you for showing love to Ms. Ross. I spend a great deal of my time trying to recreate "Mahogany" in my wardrobe. Some folks just don't understand how fabulous she is! Love your blog...visit my (new) blog at

Get Togetha said...

You can see the determination to never go back to the hood in Diana's face. Chick was destined to live a fab life beyond her wildest dreams...

I'm a fan of her daughter Tracee...with a mom like that how could you not dress your patootie off!!!

Happy Memorial Day!


We Shall Overcome.....In Couture! said...

Hey Cookie & Get Togetha! Welcome to my blog.

I must admit, I do have some reservations about Ms. Ross (re: Florence Ballard) BUT I love that she showed the world just how glamorous we are.

Cookie said...

Make no mistakes Ms. Ross is a bit of a mess (as well as one of my personal fashion icons.) I still can't watch "The Wiz" without getting angry. Some things are just going too far!