Thursday, May 21, 2009

Michelle Obama on the Cover of Time Magazine

Our fabulous First Lady appears on the cover of TIME magazine!

Read the full article, "The Meaning of Michelle" here, and check out Behind The Scenes with Michelle Obama by TIME photographer Callie Shell. Very cool pics!

I personally prefer this photo....

...but then again, I have a bias towards black & white photos. However, both portraits say to me that the meaning of Michelle is POWER.

What is The Meaning of Michelle to you?



Get Togetha said...

Michelle is the honey in Barack's Tea. She can't get more fabulous and I'm feeling so proud I just wanna burst!!!

I'm starting to kick myself for not collecting these magazine covers!!


We Shall Overcome.....In Couture! said...

GT, you wouldn't believe the collection I have. It's crazy! Pretty soon, I'm gonna need a storage room just for the magazines! LOL!