Wednesday, January 13, 2010

Rihanna Goes Hard on The February Cover of W Magazine

(Photos: Craig McDean/W Magazine)

For the February 2010 cover of W Magazine, Rihanna goes hard in a Gucci cotton dress from their Spring '10 RTW collection, gold and diamond earrings by Ivanka Trump,  Dior gold and diamond ring, and a beautiful white gold, black ceramic and diamond cuff by Chanel. For more info on the Rihanna's other ensembles, see

I think Rihanna is a perfect fit for W, which tends to be Vogue's edgier sister. I like the editorial, especially the photos of Rihanna wearing the cloche-esque leopard print hat and Michael Kors dress. However, I would have liked to have seen them go with color photos instead of black & white. Rihanna has a gorgeous complexion that would have been perfect to show off the cool palette from the upcoming Spring '10 season.

(Hat Tip: The Fashion Spot)

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Corey said...

You know, I don't think much of Rihanna as an entertainer or when she tries to sing, or any of that, but I do like her as a personality. I can't help it, she does have that "it" factor, but I just don't know what that "it" is! Is it something manufactured on the Beyonce assembly line? Is it something there yet untapped and hasn't quite shone ALL THE WAY through! I just don't know!

There are SOOO MANY from Mariah to Janet and now Bey & Rihanna that I enjoy LOOKING AT, find INTRIGUING, or who I think has a cult of PERSONALITY - IT! But I wouldn't pay two cents to go see them in ANYTHING ANYWHERE and I hate most of their music!

If they can still make me like them, support them, love them, even worship them (not much!), I guess that's POWER!

But WHAT power is it? What is IT?