Wednesday, October 28, 2009

Michelle Obama: A Vision in Red Glamour!


What a holiday treat! Our beloved First Lady, Michelle Obama, graces the cover of Glamour magazine's December issue. This is the first time in the magazine's 70 year history that a First Lady has appeared on its cover!

It should be noted that this Glamour's annual Women of the Year issue, and the magazine is honoring Mrs. Obama with a Special Recognition Award for her dedication to mentoring young women. In her interview with Glamour (conducted by Katie Couric), Mrs. Obama gives advice on mentoring, style and dating. You can read excerpts of her interview here.

Now, on to the fashion. According to the good folks at, the First Lady is wearing her own red cocktail dress by one of her favorite designers, Jason Wu. Exactly who designed that fabulous necklace is still a mystery, but I'm sure their name will eventually surface. Taking a guess, I say the necklace is one-of-a-kind design by Fenton, whose jewelry the First Lady has worn before.


Corey said...

Michelle Obama is BEAUTIFUL and the epitome of class, elegance and style, as well as black glamour! And Jason Wu is the BOMB!

That Mrs. Obama is the FIRST BLACK WOMAN to grace the cover of Glamour magazine should be an EMBARRASSMENT for them! And in 70 YEARS? Come on now, think about Diana Ross and Diahann Carroll in the last 30 years ALONE! What about Halle Berry or Kerry Washington NOW! Damn! Even Beyonce! Unbelievable ! ! !

choaf23 said...

Love this picture. Bought 6 magazines as christmas gifts for fam. & friends.
This beautiful red dress and necklace just reminds me of a
beautifully wrapped gift to all of
us. Everytime I pass a book store
I can't help saying to myself...
Is this for real? Her daughters and
all her fans must be proud of her.

We Shall Overcome.....In Couture! said...

Hey Corey and Choaf23!

Corey, don't EVEN get me started on why it has taken so long for sistas to grace the covers of fashion mags. It's ri-damn-di-culous!

Choaf23, I know what you mean! Words cannot describe how much Mrs. Obama means to Black women.