Saturday, March 14, 2009

Beyonce Covers Vogue's April Issue

Congrats to Beyonce Knowles for landing the cover of Vogue's April 2009 issue. For the first time in Vogue's history, they have had back-to-back issues featuring Black women on the cover. My momma always says, "It comes in threes", so how about Queen Latifah, Chanel Iman or Jourdan Dunn for the May cover, Ms. Wintour?


Anonymous said...

I think they also had Kara Young and Naomi Campbell back-to-back in the late '80s, although it didn't seem like such a big deal then... there's been a huge, seldom-acknowledged regression when it comes to black models. In the '80s to early '90s, the blonde waif was the exception to the rule. Pakistani-German-Canadian model Yasmeen Ghauri was considered a mainstream, middle-of-the-road model - but would be "exotic" and challenging by today's standards!

We Shall Overcome.....In Couture! said...

Welcome! :-)

I did a little research and found that Kara's cover was for Vogue Germany (Oct. '89) and NC's was for American Vogue (Sept. '89).

You bring up a very good point, Anon. If you look back at footage of runway shows during that time, it was way more diverse with Black models and "ethnic" white models dominating the runways. Look at the "Supers" of the 90s. Only two were blonde: Claudia Schiffer and Tatjana Patz. The rest were either Black, Latino or "ethnic" white women.

Afrika said...

I would much rather see a model like Ajuma Nasenyana or kinne diouf on the cover of vogue than the obvious choices of Chanel Iman and Jourdan Dunn. I don't have anything against these girls but I am tired of the fashion industry gushing over "ethnically ambiguous" (as the industry calls it) girls like C. Iman. These girls with light-skin and long curly hair are marketed to the world as the standard for black women. Over 90 percent of young black girls don't look like Chanel Iman or Jourdan Dunn. Having a girl like Kinee Diouf on the cover of Vogue, who looks like a large majority of black women in America and in the rest of the world, would be great.

We Shall Overcome.....In Couture! said...

Afrika, I so feel you.