Wednesday, February 25, 2009

Michelle Our Belle OnThe Cover of People Magazine

(Photo: People Magazine)

Check out our FLOTUS, Michelle Obama, looking radiant and the epitome of femininity on the cover of People magazine! And guess who she's wearing --- one of my favorite designers, TRACY REESE!!! Once again, Mrs. Obama hits it out the affordable fashion ballpark, wearing a dress from Ms. Reese's Spring '09 collection, which retails for $395. The Lace Kimono dress in Dried Azalea accentuates Mrs. Obama's curves and shows off her fabulously toned arms. I don't think there exists a color that doesn't love Mrs. Obama's mahogany complexion.

You can purchase the dress at Ms. Reese's store located at the Tracy Reese Flagship located at 641 Hudson Street in NYC or call them at 1-888-818-7336 or 212-809-0505.

UPDATE: Tracy Reese Talks About Michelle's Dress

Tracy Resse spoke to the New York Daily News about dressing Mrs. Obama for the People magazine cover:

"It's the moment we've been waiting for," the 45-year-old designer told the News.

"I'm appreciative because it means I have an opportunity to dress her. It also means means a lot to women across the country that they can also afford something First Lady is wearing."

"I had the opportunity to meet her at a fundraiser which was the best moment of 2008," says Reese who launched her line 11 years ago. "She gave me a great hug and said, 'I need to be wearing your clothes.' Then she gave me a concerned look like, 'it's not that easy.'"

Reese spent weeks working with Ikram Goldman, Michelle's Chicago-based stylist.

"It's a process. She's on the go. Any wardrobe choices have to go through her team."

In the end, Michelle selected the pink dress out of 8 to 10 pieces Reese personally customized for the shoot.

Reese thinks her high-profile client made the perfect choice.

"Even though she's a strong woman she's also very feminine and the lace brings out this side," says the designer. "I love seeing her in this dress. She has such great arms and I think they're shown off."

Fresh off presenting her Fall line at Fashion Week, Reese hopes she'll be dressing Michelle again in the future.

"A lot of our signature dresses would really complement her," she says. "There's any number of things I'd love to see her wearing. The idea is to find out what's working best for her and supply more of it."

Does that mean Michelle may be taking a front row seat at next season's runway show?

"I doubt it," laughs Reese. "The security would be insane."

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