Wednesday, December 17, 2008


Hello and Welcome to We Shall Overcome......In Couture!

The name of this blog comes from a quote by the late actress, singer and diva, Josephine Premice. At a time when racism led to a one-dimensional image of black women, Ms. Premice (along with fellow divas such as Diahann Carroll, Naomi Sims, Carmen De Lavallade, and Diana Sands to name a few) redefined the image of Black women. They showed that Black women are not the racist caricatures of mammies and maids that society tries to pigeonhole us in. That we are just as fashionable, sophisticated and glamorous as our white counterparts that are deified in society. These sistas used their style and elegance as weapons against racism. They overcame.....In Couture!

We Shall Overcome.....In Couture! is dedicated to celebrating sistas who continue the tradition of Grace and Stylish Sophistication Under Fire. We will take a look at divas of the past, divas of the present and divas-in training, as well as share tips and tricks for living and looking our most fabulous!

So sit back, relax and enjoy! :-)

Sepia Fashionista


Divalocity said...

As Diahann Carroll once said " White people had never seen a sophisticated Black woman before and she was not about to down play who she was." Thank you for letting the world know that we do exist. We are out here and with the Obama's going to the White House I do hope they will come out for the rest of the world to see.

We Shall Overcome.....In Couture! said...

Hi, Divalocity!

Thank you so much for checking out my blog. I hope you'll become a regular visitor. :-)

Ms. Carroll told the truth. Look at how the media acts towards Michelle Obama, Desiree Rogers....etc. They act as if we don't enjoy fashion and luxury. We'll, ready or not here we come!